Scott Strelecki, Photographer and Photographer Services for Hire

{Briefly} About Scott,
Freelance Event, and Documentary Photographer.

On a professional note ~ It is my belief that Photography is an element that supports a deeper story, and that the pursuit of an image is about presenting a gateway to a larger discussion.
My intention, with each subject I photograph, is to present visual clues that evoke questions to the story beneath.

The T M I side ~ I consider myself a Midwesterner, as I have lived in many different towns throughout Illinois, Michigan and Wisconsin (where I grew up). I now live in New Mexico.
When not photographing you, your family, pets, or an event that you may have hired me everyone else, mindless hours of time are spent trying to find relevant shows to binge watch.

At this fear of getting to philosophical or long winded, if you have questions or would like to have me photograph your story, please...reach out, my contact info is at the bottom of every page of this website.